Sablissime water pearl box

Lily of the valley is not the only star of this festive day!

With the “Sablissime water pearls” Box, you can integrate lily of the valley or any other flower of your choice for a symbol of happiness and renewal. Do you prefer something more personal? Add a small symbolic object to the candle for an even more special touch.

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Birth of Aux Senteurs Scintillantes

A Quest for Well-being and Serenity

The genesis of Aux Senteurs Scintillantes finds its origin in a personal ordeal transformed into a source of inspiration. Closely affected by the effects of illness within my family, I was confronted with my mother's cancer diagnosis, an ordeal revealing the unsuspected impact of everyday products on our health. The need to give up scented candles and sprays, sources of comfort and well-being in our homes, marked a turning point.

Faced with this reality, I was driven by the desire to recreate this warm olfactory atmosphere without compromising health. My ambition ? Develop healthy and safe scented fondants, which envelop our interiors with beneficial aromas without harming our well-being. After intense research and numerous tests, “Aux Senteurs Scintillantes” was born, symbolizing the alliance between the pleasure of the senses and respect for health.

Our mission goes beyond the creation of fondants and candles: it is to contribute to your balance and serenity, by offering you moments of peace and well-being, thanks to pure and authentic olfactory creations.

Light up the Night with Sablissime Phosphorescent

Discover Sablissime 's luminous innovation: a candle that not only perfumes, but glows in the dark . Our unique formula allows you to create an atmosphere that is both captivating and reassuring, where each flame is a star in your domestic universe. Enjoy a doubly sensory experience, with captivating aromas by day and a soft, soothing glow by night. Ideal for intimate evenings, moments of relaxation or to give a gift that is truly out of the ordinary.

Experience the Magic

Discover the New Collection: SABLISSIME Range

Let yourself be captivated by the unique brilliance of our latest innovation: the SABLISSIME Range. Not only do these scented melts delight your senses with exceptional fragrances, but they also illuminate your space with a magical phosphorescent glow, transforming every moment into an unforgettable olfactory and visual experience.

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